Positive Entrepreneurs

Who We Are

Positive Entrepreneurs Network, created in 2010 by entrepreneurs with the support of Poseco, is the Belgian network of social entrepreneurs. Positive Entrepreneurs are empowering people who base their core business on human, social and ecological values.

What We Do

Connecting social entrepreneurs with eachother and with key stakeholders helping to create economic opportunities. We also inspire entrepreneurs, universities and political authorities for this innovative entrepreneurship.

Why We Do It

To strengthen social entrepreneurs themselves and to develop the movement of social entrepreneurship in Belgium. More social entrepreneurs means more social impact to create a better world.

Welcome to the new edition of Inspiration Days!

Every year more than 600 people are participating in the new editions of "Inspiration Days"!

Not less than 50 experts from different backgrounds meet to discuss the evolution towards a more positive economy!

Different ways of doing business which integrate social values already exist. So far, many entrepreneurs have understood that business models and the economy are changing.
The pioneers of positive economy have developed a profitable business that brings a tangible contribution to the challenges of our society.

With the project “Inspiration Days, The future is yours”, the Positive Entrepreneurs Network seek to promote social entrepreneurship among the future managers and entrepreneurs.

Through building bridges between entrepreneurs and the academic world we seek to demonstrate that the social entrepreneurship has a potential for growth and innovation.

In every Business School we organise around 12 interactive workshops with social entrepreneurs, key actors of positive economy and also their tools and support. These people come specifically to share their experience with the students.

The event is closed by a main conference, open to the public, with the topic :

“Business models and the economy are changing! Are you?”

Internationally reputed stakeholders will share their vision and ideas about the new business models on social entrepreneurship. The event will finally end with a Networking Drink.

The project could be realized thanks to the contribution of our partners:

Agence pour l’entreprise et l’innovation - Social Innovatiefabriek - Plan C

Solvay Brussels School - Economics & Management - Nexense Solvay Social Business Club - Solvay Entrepreneurs Club - VUB - UGent - Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - HEC-Ulg Management School - Académie des Entrepreneurs Sociaux - HELMO - VentureLab

Ecocup - Ethiquable - BCDE Catering - Café Liégeois - Beer Project - Mongozo - Curtius




Discover the videos of the last editions!

Inspiration Days NL from Positive Entrepreneurs Network on Vimeo.

Inspiration Days - edition 2013/2014 from Positive Entrepreneurs Network on Vimeo .